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Quiet The Mind. Heal The Body. Calm The Spirit.

Quiet The Mind.
Heal The Body.
Calm The Spirit.

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Vancouver Acupuncture + Holistic Medicine

5 star boutique wellness clinic serving Kitsilano, South Granville, and the greater Vancouver area. At Inner Chi, we tailor our treatment plans to fit your medical needs. We are devoted to finding your perfect pathway to total wellness.

A Modern Approach To Holistic Medicine

How Can Jordan Help You?

Jordan integrates Acupuncture, Cupping, Tui Na massage, cranial sacral massage, and dietary counselling into his treatments. He employs an integrative, holistic approach to medicine and is willing to communicate with patient’s medical providers to ensure continuity of care.

His treatments include customized strategies in order to help with daily living and wellness, exercise and stress reduction techniques, and chronic pain coaching.

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“From the very first treatment that I had, I had immediate relief for stuff that has been extremely painful for well over 5 years”. – Angela W.

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